Thursday, March 21, 2013

New!!!! Summer Piano Workshop

Register Now for the Summer Piano Workshop Camp


*Award-winning piano method for children ages 3 to 9
*Imaginative, enjoyable learning experiences
*Private and group lessons available
Enrolling Now in Various Locations serving Atlanta, Decatur, and Tucker!
45 Minute sessions Monday-Thursday
Week 1: June 3-6, Week 2: June 10-13, 
Week 3 :July 15-18, Week 4: July 22-25
For more information call 404-903-3590

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Music Game of the Month

My music letters laid out across the floor

Music Alphabet Game

You can try this at home! 
This game is great to reinforce alphabet letters with small children!!

Materials needed:
2 sets of 7 various colored construction paper( totaling 14 papers -2 are the same of each of the 7 colors)
one permanent marker
Write the letters A B C D E F G on the construction paper.
1st Write the letter A on 2 of the same colored construction paper , choose a different color and write the letter B on 2 of that same colored paper and continue using 2 of the same colors for the remaining music letters stopping with the letter G.

Concepts learned:
The Music Alphabet
Steps and Skips

How to play game:

Talk with your child about the music alphabet. Tell them there are 7 letters in the music alphabet and it's A B C D E F G.  After G it starts back at A. 
Tell them you have a set of music letters that need to be placed in the music alphabet order. 
Have child place the papers in order, help them if needed.  Have the child place the letters in one big line on the floor starting with A  and arrange the letters from left to right, just like in reading a book.
After child has arranged the music letters in order across the floor, tell the child it's time to make steps. Explain to the child that in music going from one key to the key next to it is called a step. Going from A to B is a step and have the child step on A and B  
( preferably with out their shoes, make sure they have on socks!!!).  Then continue stepping on all the letters across the floor and have them repeat starting back at A again.

After you feel your child has learned music steps, then it's time to move on to skips.
Tell your child that there are skips in music. Most of the time when I tell a child that they think of having their feet skip around-- but not so in music.   Skipping in music is when you start at letter A but then skip over B to letter C. So the child would step on letter A, skip over B to step on letter C and continue skipping a letter on the letters across the floor.

I hope you have as much fun with this game as I have with my piano students!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013