Thursday, July 9, 2015

WonderFall classes beginning!!!!!

Hello Parents,

Summer is almost over then school will soon begin and so will the new piano session! 
Piano Enrichment begins Aug 12 and there is limited space so early registration has begun! 
If you register now through July 31st,  you will be able to save $74 off the full tuition price of $324 and that will reduce to $250 for 16 weeks (August 12- Dec. 2).

While your child is soaking up so much knowledge and ever learning, piano is one of the most easiest instruments for young children to learn and is greatly beneficial to children's development needs. 

These classes reinforce what they learn from the day such as counting, number and letter recognition, develops a sense of beat with rhythm patterns, all while learning a musical instrument that uses the same musical clefs as many other instruments such as the trumpet, violin, and guitar.

Also children can learn how to read music before they learn how to read words. 
Reading music consists of symbols, lines and spaces and patterns which makes it easy for anyone to use.

So learning the piano has lifelong benefits and is a great starter instrument that will set them up for any other instrument they would like to try.

I hope to see them there, and I have attached the flyer, thanks!