Music Programs

Music Programs

Class Descriptions:

Music with Babies and Tots!!!!

Music with Babies
This music class features musical play activities such as bouncing and rocking songs with wiggle and peek-a-boo games. The musical play activities will increase the child’s curiosity about music as well as develop listening skills and sense of beat.

Music Movers (ages 1 ½ - 2)
Music Move brings the joy of music making and movement to toddlers and twos. Children actively participate in singing and movement activities, as well as experimenting with many simple musical instruments including bells, shakers, maracas, sticks, and xylophones.

Preschool Music at its best!!!

Preschool MusikMakers

 Music appreciation is fostered through carefully chosen music; Mozart, Beethoven and Sousa are introduced. Melodies to sing, using either solfege or letter names, help students learn to match pitch and discover tonal elements of music.  Using familiar songs such as If You're Happy and You Know It, Mexican Hat Dance and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star  help the students develop a sense of beat. 


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